Our new look: Why we gave Lemon Poppy Tea an environmentally-friendly facelift

Over the last year we’ve been working hard to make Lemon Poppy Tea an even more sustainable (and delicious) brand. As the transformation is now complete, we decided it’s the perfect moment to look back over 2019 and share the ideas behind the changes we made.

Since first launching Lemon Poppy back in 2015 we’ve learnt so much. Listening to feedback from friends, family and members of the public, becoming more aware of the circular economy and zero-waste living, as well as lots of trial and error have all contributed to today’s greener, and even tastier Lemon Poppy Tea. Here’s the lowdown: 

New collection

We recently launched the MNTN.TEA collection, a seductive new range of organic herbal teas that offers you four soul-warming combinations to try.  You can choose to add wild marjoram, thyme, sage or a rose bud to the delicate, sweet flavour of our organic classic mountain tea, Sideritis raeseri. 

These blends are the perfect remedy to pick you back up when you’re run down with winter coughs and colds. And they also make a thoughtful gift for tea-lovers (and pretty much anyone who needs some love and care in the form of a hot drink!)

Fresh look

While our original, brightly coloured packaging connected with Lemon Poppy’s joy for life, we knew it needed to better reflect the organic, wild-growing mountain tea that sat inside. That’s why we redesigned the packaging, combining the unbleached natural colour of the box with a simple but elegant illustration of mountain tea, drawn by my father. 

With such an attractive, natural product, the simplicity of the new design now leaves more room for the tea to do the speaking. The quality of the tea is, of course, as high as before.  

Environmentally-friendly packaging

We also decided to upgrade the packaging material. From now on, all our tea is packed in boxes made from agricultural waste, produced by winner of the Circular Award 2019, Paperwise. It goes without saying that we should do what we can to protect the environment, and delivering our tea in plastic-free, tree-friendly boxes is another step in this direction.

By changing the way our tea is packaged, we hope to inspire others to make sustainable choices that have a positive impact on the climate and our planet.  

Have you seen or tasted our latest collection yet? We hope you love it… we’d really like to know what you think, both in terms of the new packaging and the yummy herbal tea that’s tucked up inside. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.





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