Where can you buy our teas?
If you’re looking for a soul-warming, sustainable last-minute gift for someone special, or you just prefer buying your tea from a local shop, check out our list of stockists. 
You’ll find a selection of Lemon Poppy organic mountain teas in stores across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France. 

The Netherlands

Hermitage, Amsterdam 

Het Faire Oosten, Amsterdam

Maker Store, Amsterdam

Lykke, Amsterdam

Van Dijk, Amstelveen (De Markt)

Radijs Conceptstore, Zutphen

YourDailyTeaCup, Groningen en Leeuwarden

Bij Merel, Bergen 

Eetboetiek, Sluis

Pop UP Gaard, Utrecht

 l'Etoile, Bergen

Elf Elf, Heemstede

Bij Daan, De Bilt

Vicaris, Hattem

Wereld Winkel, Bussum

Kunstmuseum, Den Haag

Jananna, Weesp

Olga Korstanje, Rotterdam

Orse Ket aan 't Glop, Zaandam

Complot Concept Store, Venray

Toverbal Theater,  Beneden Leeuwen 


Panacee Conceptstore, Ronse

Jane and Fred, Lanaken

De Blauwe Pen, Gent

Pigment Interieur, Zottegem

Wisteria,  Ranst


HEJ Store, Dortmund

KuchenLiebe, Berlin

Interior, Hamburg


l'Attribut d'Iris,  Lausanne

Einzelstuck, Zurich & Bern


Le Petit Souk, Lyon

Le Petit Souk, Nantes

Le Petit Souk, Paris

Le Petit Souk, Bordeaux

 Online Gift Stores


Bloom Mondays

HeyYou Giftbox

Jane's Flavours


Stock our teas

We’re always looking for stockists who share our eco-friendly values to share our tea with the world. If you’d like to fill your store’s shelves with our beautiful teas, drop us an email at