Organic and wild MOUNTAIN TEA

Traditionally used as a remedy for colds, this delicious herbal tea is rich in iron and antioxidants. Naturally caffeine free, this herbal tea is a delicate yet powerful herbal tea to hydrate, relax and recharge your energy.

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The woman behind Lemon Poppy TEA is Albanian born and tea-obsessed. Edvina is on a mission to change the tea game. By bringing whole flower teas to the Netherlands she has sparked a tea-volution.

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Mountain TEA

Our mountain tea is wild grown and packed by hand in small batches. This way every tea box comes to its original shape with passion and craftsmanship skills. Cutting, selecting and placing every tea stem and flower into a box.

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At the source of each blend is our Mountain Tea, the bedrock of what we do. Harvested in its natural state this powerful yet delicate whole flower tea creates the strong foundation from which we can build our Lovely Blends Collection.

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Mountain TEA


Through the traditional and cultural practises of tea drinking we bring you a piece of history. Because our tea comes from a sacred place, we treat our farmers with care, the result is a beautiful product that nourishes, hydrates and calms you. From plant to package we believe in eco-friendly practises so that the journey of our tea remains pure, from mountain top to your cup. Our tea is hand picked and packed, in packaging made of agricultural waste. By producing in small batches we can ensure a smaller carbon footprint while guaranteeing a quality product.

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Treated with the utmost respect for the people who collect the herbal teas, for the land that grows them.



Sustainably packed in the purest form of packaging we could find. Our tea boxes and bags are made of agricultural waste.


Passion & craftsmanship

Our tea is packed by hand in small batches, with passion and craftsmanship skills.



Because our teas grow wild you can count on mineral rich soils which in turn have a beneficial effect on your mental and physical well-being.

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Discover wild herbal teas

Dive into the Discovery Set for a selection of delicate yet powerful herbal teas. Allow your senses to experience our classic Mountain Tea, our Wild Marjoram, Wild Sage, and Rose.

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Absolutely unparalleled tea experience and taste.

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