A new collection came to live

A new collection came to live


Inspired by the hard working mamma’s, women and even the kiddos who during this past year of uncertainty have risen to the challenge of survival, growth and empowerment. We have seen an unprecedented shift in the power of gender dynamics and what we consider ‘women’s work’.

"I want to celebrate this work with three herbal tea blends to nourish, uplift and energise the soul"

At the source of each blend is our Mountain Tea, the bedrock of what we do. Harvested in its natural state this powerful yet delicate whole flower tea creates the strong foundation from which we can build our Lovely Blends Collection.

The collection is composed of lovely leftovers. Just like our inspiring women who use the tools they have to educate, create and nurture we want to make sure our creations are sustainable and earth friendly. In our efforts to reduce waste we take any remains from breaking and prepping our teas and put them right back in the box, a small step to help keep our beautiful planet green.

MAMA BLEND Mountain tea, Calendula, Chamomile and a hint of Lavender. This herbal tea blend is soft, buttery and relaxing; the perfect time out for all mamma’s out there. Packed with minerals and antioxidants this tea blend hydrates and relaxes day and night. Brew a cup of this tea for the feeling of a warm embrace, the softest blanket, a sweet quiet moment just for you mom.

SOUL BLEND - Mountain Tea, Hibiscus and a hint of Moroccan Rose . This herbal tea blend is diverse like you; it works both hot and chilled for those warm summer days. A fresh and colourful blend that will uplift and hydrate. Packed with minerals, Vitamin C and antioxidants to get your system flowing, this tea is your trusted sidekick, keeping you refreshed and energised like a little escape to your favourite beach.

POWER BLEND - Mountain tea, Wild Sage and a hint of Wild Marjoram. The herbal tea blend to support all the superwomen out there. This blend is fresh, sweet and has almost as much character as you do. Packed with minerals and antioxidants to support the immune system and be your all day power-bank.





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