Mountain tea also known as Çaj Mali and Sideritis Raeseri, is a wild-growing herb that has been used as a healthy, caffeine-free tea for centuries.

Çaj Mali (pronounced as ‘ts-jai mali’) is a delicately sweet tea that grows along Albania’s Mediterranean coastline at an altitude of 1800m. Traditionally used as a remedy for colds and other health issues, this delicious herbal tea is rich in iron and antioxidants.

Sustainable and 100% organic

Lemon Poppy Tea’s mountain tea is organic and caffeine free. We have worked hard to ensure that how we source, prepare and package our tea is both ethical, and environmentally friendly. 

Harvesting Albanian mountain tea

The herbs you find in your box of Lemon Poppy Tea were carefully hand-picked during early summer and early autumn by local farmers. The harvesting is usually done in the early morning hours before sunrise, when the natural fragrances are at their best.

The drying process

Our mountain tea is dried naturally over a couple of days to ensure that all the antioxidant and mineral qualities are well-preserved. 

Drying the herbs in this way also allows Çaj Mali’s subtle aromas to form, safely sealing in its natural flavours until they are released into your tea pot.

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Mountain TEA in its purest form

We source our teas directly from local farmers. It’s hand cut and packed in eco-friendly boxes. We use no machine production, no processing, no additives and no tea bags.

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