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I’m Edvina Erebara. I believe in the power of natural, wild-growing herbal tea for a healthy body, mind and soul. 

I grew up drinking Çaj Mali (‘ts-jai mali’) – that’s what we call mountain tea, or Sideritis Raeseri, in Albania. During the colder months, a hot cup of Çaj Mali with some honey and lemon was a real treat, and perfect for chasing away a winter cold. In fact, my family used to proudly tell me how this tea has been used for keeping healthy for thousands of years. 

Drinking Çaj Mali is a tradition deeply rooted in Albanian culture, but also one of its best kept secrets.

Everyone has it in their kitchen cupboards, but you can’t order a steamy cup of mountain tea in local cafes. 

When I moved to the Netherlands to study I discovered that Çaj Mali was an even bigger secret – it was nowhere to be found. So I had to stock up with enough tea before leaving home to see me through the long Northern European winter nights.

If I did manage to find mountain tea in a shop, it was always crushed up and disguised as a tea bag, hiding away a truly beautiful herb, with no visual link to nature.

That’s what sparked the idea to bring mountain tea to Amsterdam, in all its whole-leaf, heart-warming glory.

Lemon Poppy was born in 2015 and has been supplying tea to discerning drinkers ever since.

Building a brand on an ethically-produced, sustainable product is very important for me. We consider the impact of Lemon Poppy tea on people and planet at every stage of production – you can read a little more about that below. 

I hope you enjoy our tea as much as I do.

As part of your daily routine – for a moment of peace during a hectic day at work, caring for your children, studying or running errands. Or to pick you up when you’re feeling run down. 

If you have any questions about our products or what we do, please get in touch with me - I’d love to hear from you. 

Created in harmony with nature

Every summer we visit Albania to seek out the best quality organic, wild-growing tea available. We source directly from local farmers who hand pick each and every flower and leaf found in your box of Lemon Poppy tea before it’s naturally dried.

Once it arrives in Amsterdam, we carefully prepare and pack your tea by hand. Our packaging is eco-friendly – it’s made from recycled agricultural waste, so it harms no trees, and there’s no plastic.

Because your tea is loose-leaf, you can safely put the remains in your compost bin – there’s no need to worry about synthetic tea bags or other difficult-to-recycle waste.

Read more about  Çaj Mali.

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